Which cartons can be used twice? Tmall staff: 5 layers of corrugated boxes

Recently, the rookie teamed up with Tmall Supermarket to promote the recycling of cartons, leading the express logistics to be more environmentally friendly, saving at least 400,000 tons of water and wood a year. However, not all cartons are available for secondary use. A staff member of the Tmall supermarket warehouse said: To be thick enough, 5 layers of corrugated boxes.

Rookie teamed up with Tmall supermarket to encourage recycling of cartons

"Dear comet, I received you, and you have saved 8000g of water and wood with the Tmall supermarket." Recently, Ms. Hong of Shanghai received a special Tmall supermarket package, which is an old carton for recycling. With a green label: "Thank you for your contribution to environmental protection!" Originally, this is the recycling of cartons promoted by rookie and Tmall supermarkets, leading the express logistics to be more environmentally friendly. Every day, more than 100,000 consumers across the country receive such “green label” packages, saving at least 400,000 tons of water and wood a year.

“In the cat, I bought some daily necessities. The courier sent a box of a food brand. When I saw the green sticker, I felt that it was particularly good. I was involved in the green action without knowing it,” Ms. Hong said. In this green parcel issued Shanghai Songjiang Tmall supermarket warehouse, there is a group of people who silently organize, sort, pack, recycle and use the carton, turning waste into treasure, making each package greener and warmer.

Which cartons can be used twice?

The 55-year-old Hu Ayi, who sorts out the cartons in the warehouse of Tmall supermarket every day, picks out the ones that can be recycled. Which boxes can be used twice? “It’s not small, clean and beautiful, we will recycle it.” Hu Ayi introduced that it must be a box containing food and paper products, clean and tidy, the size and type are regular, and thick enough, 5 layers of corrugated boxes. She put the picked out boxes on the cart and delivered them to the sealing area. They had to go 10 times a day to transport more than 800 cartons.

Wu Minghong, the seal zone administrator, has a pair of "eyes of fire", and will check the shipped cartons one by one, and quickly clear out the unqualified conditions, especially responsible. After counting on the spot, he recorded the number of recycled cartons, which were categorized by size and merged with Tmall's custom cartons.

Add a "green label" to the carton for secondary recycling

Liu Xiaohuan, a 27-year-old warehouse picker, pushed the shelf and took the order and went to the sealing area to pick up the carton. On the order page, the rookie packing algorithm has automatically recommended the carton model required for each order according to the size and weight of the product. Liu Xiaohuan selects the empty carton in the seven separate zones and then starts picking.

Liu Xiaohuan picked up the box of good goods and came to the hands of the packager Ren Weilong. The young man with the nickname "Spicy Strip" is very fast. He can pack 50 boxes in one hour. Whenever he encounters a second recycled carton, Liu Xiaohuan will put a "green label" on it, like a green package. ID card.