Packaging Experience Solution

From the perspective of innovation and frontier, we study consumers' perceptions and perceptions of packaging shape, texture and touch, opening and closing functions, environmental protection and other aspects, so that people have strong sensory impact, so that consumers have a desire to buy, thereby stimulating consumption.


What is ‘CEP’?

CEP: It is the Feeling and acknowledgment Customer gets from the packaging of the goods, during the whole procedure of buying decision, shopping till the good finished its life circle. 

CEP include 4 parts:

Part#1: Shelf Experience
According to 3rd party investigation, three things draw attention of customers: Brands Logo acknowledgment (38.9%); the shape of the Packaging(35.4) and the color of the packaging(25.7%);

For customer loyal to specific brands, all you need to do is to ensure they can find their brands, so the logo on the packaging must be outstanding enough to be recognized from crowd; if it is a new brand, you will do some work on shape and color of the packaging, it must have its own character, outstanding, and be with new element.

CEP Part 2: touching
According to investigation, when customer touch a packaging, 4 elements get their attention: texture of the material(35%); the information (29%) ; The interactive (24%); the touch of the packaging(12%)
Any packaging was done with specific material, and different material has different texture. When the customer touches the packaging, the unique touching can charm the customer and him feel easy and arise a desire to have the product. That’s why the texture of the packaging grabs the most attention of customers

CEP Part 3: using experience
According to investigation, when the customer uses a product, 4 function of the packaging grab the attention of customers: 1. Easy to open the packaging(39%), 2. easy to take out to use(27%), 3. size and structure(19%), 4. Portable(15%).
Packaging not only provide necessary protection to the goods, it has the above 4 functions, 
If customer feel not only the goods but the packaging comfortable to use, it will add the chance they become the fans of the goods and spread the good reputation.

CEP Part 4: littering experience
According to investigation, when customer throw away a packaged product, 47% of them want to make sure the goods inside was consumed by 90% at least, or 0 left inside the packaging; 32% of the customer wants to see a very clear sign or statement on packaging to show them how to do a better garbage sorting; 
21% of the customer want the packaging is detachable if the packaging made from more than 2 kinds of material.

Lihe equipped with experienced R&D team, we do market trend research; construction and graphic design; packaging technology research to make the packaging more enjoyable and improve the interactive between the goods and customer.
Lihe is familiar with the market trends, and we open our ears to clients, provide concreted packaging solution to our clients and make sure their packaging are at the same page with international trends and help them to build the brands.