Luxury industry

Packaging customization

We have customized development service experience for European and American brand customers, develop process materials and structures according to needs, create personalized original packaging boxes, endow packaging boxes with innovative elements, and make packaging boxes customized with more product characteristcs.

Packaging technology

For high-quality products, we have established an ingenious production line, using pure manual process paste box, paper folding, rope-threading, knotting and other processing, to enhance the aesthetic and texture of packaging. Packaging materials are reasonable selection, using environmental paper, cotton and linen and other renewable environmental protection packaging materials. Special packing boxes and handbags are made of imported materials. The customized packaging pro cess conforms to Europeanenvironmental standards


Custom packaging from 0

With years of vast experience working with Brands from US & EU, if Client provides their prototype product and idea, we will do the material choosing, structure design for them, the new packaging will be embedded with our creativity, and the product will be more unique and attractive.

packaging design

The custom packaging design combines the needs of customers' handbags and packaging boxes, provides professional packaging box customization and handbag design, and adopts reasonable packaging customization suggestions and concepts. Craftsmanship, consistent, consistent inherited the beauty of packaging and handbags.

Packaging Technology

Paper bags mainly use pure origami, string, knot and other processing, enhance the beauty and texture of Paper bags.
Paper bags and packaging boxes are reasonable material selection, the use of environmental paper, cotton and linen and other renewable environmental protection packaging materials.
Special packaging boxes and Paper bags are made of imported materials, and the packaging customization process complies with European environmental standards.

Original packaging

Our packaging designer team design and developed hundreds of luxury paper bags and boxes through the years,  you can see the story and value of the brands from our packaging and our product shine in the market. With a strong team like that, Lihe will continue to walk on this road fearlessly