Our Advantage

The advantages of Lihe Environmental Packaging Technology co., Ltd.

Confidential workshop:

To protect clients’ product information, Lihe Packaging sets up strictly confidential management mechanism and configures complete private software and hardware, ensures the packaging are produced under the confidential environment

Automatic production line:

Lihe Packaging has the ability to deliver to clients quickly. We have full automatic and flexible production line for the gift boxes, the most advanced sleeve assembly machine and weighing & scanning equipment for the manual, the advanced folding and gluing machine for the color boxes. All these ensure us can fully satisfy clients’ request and provide clients cost-effective products and service.

G7 Color management:

Lihe Packaging had imported the most advanced color control software & hardware of X-Rite and implemented the G7 color management in early 2018. In order to provide the high quality goods to clients and help improve the core competitiveness of client’s products, Lihe insists to control the printed packaging color according to the standard.

The group management pattern

By adopting the group management pattern, Lihe packaging sets up the product solution center, products delivery center, and takes full advantage of the resource of Lihua Group & East Color, provides clients high quality and efficient services. And by using the group purchasing pattern, promoting cooperation in the supply chain, reducing the cost together, Lihe is able to provide clients more competitive products.

High quality service

Lihe Environmental Packaging Technology co., Ltd. has been devoting to produce various high-end environment-friendly packaging. Fully develop supplier resources, cooperated with suppliers to active response to the market requirement, and devoted to the development and application of new environmental protection materials. By now, all the materials used in development and application have passed the safety specification and materials verification of Europe and America, thus provides clients wider space for application and development. For example:
A.New material:  100% environmentally friendly materials
B.The tolerance of box:  ±0.05mm
C.Free fall of the base:  can be controlled in 3~5 seconds( based on the client’s request)
D.The edge angles of box:  absolutely right-angle
E.The thinnest paper for v-cut:  more than 250g

Research, development, design, production, one-stop services

Lihe Environmental Packaging Technology co., Ltd. has a very professional team of graphic design and structural design. We can independently accomplish the whole processes of R&D, creative design, structural design, lab validation, automatic production, and etc. Thus, we can shorten the products developing time for our clients, and save the R&D cost, make sure our clients’ new products can launch in time and occupy more market share.